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BIA has various parking facilities: a short-term and long-term parking area, a parking lot for rental cars and for staff. In addition, there is a free kiss & ride strip where you can pick up and drop off passengers. You can use the available parking spaces at the airport at reasonable rates. There are two payment machines in the arrivals hall where you can pay with cash.

Parking tariffs

General terms & conditions parking

Short & long term parking

The short-term parking area (P1) is located directly in front of the arrivals hall and check-in counters. Are you coming to welcome arriving passengers or to say goodbye to departing passengers? Then park at P1! If this parking lot is full, you can also use the long-term parking area.

The long-term parking area (P3) is located behind the parking lot of the car rental companies (P2). If you want to park for more than 8 hours, you can park your car here at an affordable price.

Kiss & ride strip

When you enter the airport area, turn immediately right to get to the free Kiss & ride strip. Here you can get in or out of the car quickly and easily, with or without luggage. You can reach the airport hall via the zebra crossing. You can leave the Kiss & ride strip without paying!