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TCB & BIA in collaboration with BONHATA & OLB sign Memorandum of Understanding and Joint Cooperation Agreement to continue to invest in Air Service Development
19 November 2021

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB), and Bonaire International Airport (BIA), in collaboration with OLB and BONHATA sign a Memorandum of Understanding and Joint Cooperation Agreement where these parties expressed the need to continue for full cooperation and collaboration between these entities in order to achieve the common goals for our Bonaire Route Development efforts in a coherent, effective and efficient manner. After the arrival of United Airlines, we have reached our pre-COVID level of Air Service to Bonaire. We will continue and enlarge the development for more connections within the scope of the Tourism Masterplan and Tourism Recovery Plan. 

Our goal: Continue a joint collaboration for a sustainable execution of the Route Development strategy for the island of Bonaire. OLB, BIA, BONHATA in partnership with TCB as business entities will continue to work closely together in our efforts to maintain and increase the air service to Bonaire. The joint efforts from these entities are aimed at attracting new carriers and/or stimulate airlines already serving Bonaire to increase frequencies and open up new gateways/destinations. 

The collaboration agreement also identifies areas of data sharing and execution of projects such as the Exit Survey and visitors experience at the airport. 

Commissioner of Tourism, Mr. Hennyson Thielman (OLB), BONHATA CEO, Veroesjka de Windt and BONHATA President, Bas Noij and CEO Bonaire International Airport, Jos Hillen proudly supported this achievement today and congratulated the team on behalf of the Route Development committee. 

According to Miles Mercera, CEO TCB, “this is an important milestone in the process of professionalizing and creating the right framework for partnership in tourism. This collaboration serves as the foundation of our Route Development strategy and gives a sense of direction and commitment. I am proud of the achievements so far and do look forward to this new chapter of Air Service/Route Development efforts.” 

According to Jos Hillen, CEO of BIA “we will continue our efforts to develop our Masterplan of the airport to reach the required international safety standards (ICAO), to enlarge the infrastructure and building a new international terminal connected to the existing airport at the eastside. That makes it possible to let the airport grow within the conditions of Masterplan Tourism and Recovery plan.”