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DCCA expresses its concerns with regard to the possible impact of aircraft movement restrictions at Schiphol
21 June 2023

ORANJESTAD – Last year the Dutch Government presented an intended decision to restrict the number of flight movements at Schiphol Airport to a maximum of 440 thousand per year (currently maximum of 500 thousand per year).

This restriction may potentially have a negative impact on the capacity or air traffic flying out of Schiphol Airport to the Dutch Caribbean islands and vice versa. As an interested party the Dutch Caribbean Cooperation of Airports (DCCA) recently submitted its concern in relation hereto to the Dutch Government. The DCCA is a cooperation between the entities that manage and operate the 6 airports of the Dutch Caribbean Island, namely Aruba Airport Authority N.V., Bonaire International Airport N.V., Curacao Airport Partners N.V., Princess Juliana International Airport Operating Company N.V., the Public Entity Saba, and the Public Entity St. Eustatius.  

The concerns are related mostly to the economic and social effects that the intended decision of restricting the number of movements at Schiphol may have on the region of the Dutch Caribbean.  Airlines would possibly also need to decrease flight frequencies to the Dutch Caribbean. As a result, an increase in ticket prices between the Netherlands and the Dutch Caribbean, is quite possible. Less air capacity and, potentially, higher ticket prices may have negative impact on all three segments of travelers: business travel, leisure and visiting friends and relatives (VFR). This will have a negative impact on the economy and the connectivity of social and family networks.

“This potential effect on capacity and on ticket prices is a cause for concern in our region. Based on the information we have; we are assuming that the calculation of the impact of a shrink of Schiphol does not consider the potential effects in the Caribbean part of the Dutch Kingdom. By expressing our concerns, we trust that the interests of the Dutch Caribbean will be taken into account in further decision making of the Dutch Ministry”, said Joost Meijs, CEO of Aruba Airport Authority N.V. and Chair of the DCCA.

The DCCA, seeing the possible negative impact on the economy and social welfare of the Dutch Caribbean, has urged the Dutch Government to ensure that the capacity between the Netherlands and the Dutch Caribbean will not be reduced as a consequence of the intended decision making.

About the DCCA

The Dutch Caribbean Cooperation of Airports (DCCA) is a cooperation between all six Caribbean Airports within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. DCCA’s objective is to improve the general quality of each individual airport by facilitating mutual assistance and efficient exchange of information, transfer of knowledge and sharing of expertise with the goal of achieving economies of scale. DCCA aims to present future focused alternative air transportation options to improve interisland connectivity between the Dutch Caribbean Islands.

Date: June 20, 2023